The Beginning of a Project

This post is only an announcement, but I hope to more properly begin this blog with a (somewhat more informal, less academic) short essay soon. Just as soon as I have a moment to breathe.

I have been toying with the idea of something along these lines for a while, and the specifics all collided in my head tonight. I am planning to use this blog as I enter academics formally in the near future as well, but for now it will be used for periodic essays on subjects that are on my mind. Future subjects of formal study are likely to include Human-Computer interaction and Anthropology (Socio-Cultural primarily, but probably with a healthy sprinkling of Linguistic & Cognitive-Evolutionary, here and there). Informal musings are likely to include those, and a few things that vary more widely.

I do not currently have formal education in these subjects – I have some background in history, psychology, various cultural studies and languages, and two (Bachelor) degrees, in English writing and literature, and Drama. I do not expect my qualifications to impress, they are nothing special – I would prefer the writing, research, and the thought behind it, to take center stage and be judged on their merits. Part of the reason I am doing this is to, I hope, demonstrate my aptitude for the subjects when I do pursue education in them.

Current project is under the working title “Internet Tribalism & the Global Revolution” – something on my mind a great deal at the moment. The intent is to observe, compare, and analyze the role of the internet in forming functional real-world communities in the context of the popular uprisings in Egypt, Bahrain, and New York City. I am ignoring various other countries, and the many other Occupy sites, not because these are subjectively the “best” examples, but because they are the ones in which I could arguably be said to be a participant-observer.

My intention is to update sparingly (though edit frequently). The next should be the essay itself.